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     From start to finish, the cleaner delivered an exceptional service with precision and expertise. She left no corner untouched while cleaning two rugs, a carpet, sofa, chair and footstool, resulting in exceptionally clean and pleasantly fragrant furnishings.
Yasmin A.18/12/2023
     I am so glad that I chose to use your Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning service - the job you did was outstanding!
Tia W20/11/2023
     Working with this company was such an easy experience - the cleaners did a fantastic job!
Leroy Jones25/10/2023
     I hired Hillingdon Cleaners for a one-off clean. The deep house cleaning service was perfect, was exactly what I wanted. It was so good in fact, that I'm thinking of hiring them to do some other work.
G. Swiss19/05/2020
     Best cleaners!
Donnie Gibbs20/09/2019
     Hiring Hillingdon Cleaners is the best investment I have made in a very long time. So much better value than all of the fancy cleaning products I used to buy. Now I just let their cleaners bring them and do all the scrubbing too.
Thomas Crook28/11/2018
     I needed my kitchen cleaned properly as I was expecting a visit from relatives so I hired Hillingdon Carpet Cleaner to help. They did an excellent job and got the kitchen shining all over, from the wall tiles to floor to the worktops, appliances and units. The cleaners were friendly and didn't charge much either.
Carol Walker14/07/2015
     I was so pleased with the upholstery cleaning service I have just had. Over time my sofa and chairs were looking a little mucky from the family and pets! A friend recommended having them professionally cleaned as opposed to buying new. I hired a local cleaning company called HillingdonCarpetCleaners, and was very impressed with the work that they did. The prices were very affordable and great care was taken whilst cleaning. Nothing was damaged during the process. The finished result was amazing, the sofa and chairs looked so clean.
Jenny C.24/11/2014
     We are a group of lads living in a student house and things do get messy if we've had one party too many. I have friends who have lost deposits because of not keeping things clean and I didn't want to have the same problem with our place. Fortunately the help we get from HillingdonCarpetCleaners is perfect because the cleaners come over every couple of weeks and clean the bathroom, the shower room, the kitchen and the oven and leave us to deal with the simple jobs. This is definitely a cleaning company for good student cleaning services.
Darryl F.05/11/2014
     I have hired numerous cleaning companies over the years for my business offices and one thing that sets HillingdonCarpetCleaners apart from all others is the level of professionalism displayed by the cleaning contractors. The team always arrives on time, finishes the work in the stipulated time frame, leaves everything shining and spotless and is always polite and courteous. As a business owner in the services industry myself I know the value of professionalism and I can't think of another company that holds a candle to this one!
Elise Hoffman19/09/2014
     By hiring HillingdonCarpetCleaners, I have realised the overwhelming advantages that I professional cleaner can provide! I used to dread the idea of some strangers coming around clean up for me - doesn't sound like a nice experience at all. But the cleaners that work with this company are very friendly and easy to chat with. It's easy to get chummy with them, and it's a load of my mind! In addition to this, they did a really good job with the actual cleaning too! All of the dusting, polishing and what-not was all taken care of in a professional manner. What else is there to say? I recommend them!
Nathan D.29/08/2014
     Life is too short for cleaning! You should definitely hire these fabulous cleaners because they make your home smell absolutely beautiful and when you get home from you simply grab a glass of wine and relax for the rest of the evening. I could not recommend them highly enough and they are always extremely professional. They come over to my house a few times a week and they are always right on time. All of my experiences with HillingdonCarpetCleaners have been unanimously positive. A great local company filled with fantastic people not to mention that their work is of the highest quality!
Rachael Bones30/06/2014
     Finding a good cleaning service has been something I had been grappling with for months. I needed a top firm who could ensure that my business always looked its best but I couldn't locate one who matched my requirements. That is until I found HillingdonCarpetCleaners. They were the answer I had been seeking so I hired them without delay. Their staff now tackle the cleaning as if it was nothing and my workplace always looks its best. I wish I had found them sooner, but at least I found the best cleaning firm around eventually. Whether it's for home or business cleaning, I'm sure they can help you as they did for me.
Shirley Harrow20/06/2014
     Thank you so much to HillingdonCarpetCleaners we were so close to buying a brand new three piece suite until we discovered you guys! It was only last week that we were searching the net for something new although we couldn't really afford to buy one at present. Anyway, we happen to come across your company and thought we should try it out. We have always loved our sofa, it's always been incredibly comfortable and the cheaper options available on the net looked hard and unappealing. Thanks to you we now get to keep our old sofa and it looks all nice and new again. A very happy customer.
     Oven cleaning and bathroom cleaning are things that I hate, so whilst I tend to do the normal bits like dusting and hovering every now and again, I always have HillingdonCarpetCleaners round every week to ensure that the more difficult or disgusting bits are done well! This company are great for my needs, as they are pretty flexible and charge a decent rate, which means that I never feel ripped off. I would recommend them highly, and suggest that anyone who shares my hatred of domestic cleaning should get in touch with them!
Lawrence Moore07/01/2014